Born In the USA: How to Decorate a Truly American Home

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The phrase “American home” can mean many different things to different people.

For some, it conjures up images of colonial-style homes with imposing columns and grand foyers. For others, nothing could be more American than the gabled roof and painted woodwork of a craftsman style house.

Ask someone else, and they’ll tell you an American home is not one particular style, but rather a feeling, an idea, something that’s hard to define.

No matter what your idea of an American home is when you have your own house, it’s natural to find yourself wanting to show your patriotism through your home decor and interior design.

Designing a home is a deeply personal experience, and everyone will have their own idea of what’s right and what’s wrong, but one thing that never goes out of style? American spirit.

From interior design flourishes for every room to putting your star-spangled stamp on the exterior of your home for the whole world to see, read on for our tips on how to create a truly American home, inside and out.

How to Decorate an American Home

Are you planning a complete overhaul? Making a few small tweaks? Decorating your new house for the very first time? We’ve got tips for every level of decorating dilemma.

Color Palette

First off, let us say that we’re not recommending you stencil an American flag on every wall in your home – although if you want to, more power to you! Generally speaking, American homes tend to have quite a neutral color palette, especially compared to their European counterparts.

Think ecru and oatmeal for carpets, walls, and accent furniture, with pops of color for larger pieces such as couches, bed linen, and rugs. When you do use color, the American style isn’t about matching everything perfectly, but more about creating a mood. Give each room its own color story.

Finally, to really inject a sense of Americana into any space, think of accessorizing with trinkets and soft furnishings in shades of red, white, and blue.

The Kitchen

The kitchen serves as the de facto hub of many American homes. A place to gather, break bread, and spend time with the ones who matter most.

This is possibly why typical American kitchens tend to be large and open plan, often with an oversized breakfast bar in the center, for people to gather around and share stories and sustenance.

Again, American kitchens normally follow a neutral color palette, though perhaps with fewer pops of color than in other rooms. Grey, tan, or bright white are all popular colors for kitchens in a typical American home.

Comfort Is Key

One characteristic of American homes is that they often exude a certain sense of warmth and comfort. If you’re picking furniture for your home, think big, bouncy beds, huge squishy sofas, and plenty of cozy and cuddly comforters.

A roaring fireplace, some strategically placed candles, and soft lighting can also help to create an instant feeling of warmth, both figurative and literal. For soft furnishings, think thick, luxurious, larger than life textures.

Buy American

One subtle but effective way to incorporate touches of America into any space is with carefully chosen artwork. There are hundreds of amazing American artists, living and dead, with whose work you can adorn your home. If you don’t want to break the bank by buying an original, you can buy prints of almost any piece of art there is.

Posters from classic American movies or iconic American musical acts are also another nice way to give a subtle nod to American culture. If you have a favorite landscape, building, or city in America, you can source photographs or paintings of it to dot around your home.

Statement Pieces

There are many different quintessentially American interior design movements you can draw on for inspiration when decorating your home.

The mid-century modern movement is one of the most iconic periods in American interior design. Dark wood, peg legs, and pendant lighting are all features of this era. For a colonial look, think antique rugs, chandeliers, and a color palette of deep reds and blues.

Vintage home decor can be expensive, but to lessen the cost, you can pick only one or 2 statement pieces. Antique reproduction furniture is a great affordable option too.

Curb Appeal

When thinking of ways to add American touches to your home, you may be inclined to think only of the interior. But there are some great ways to decorate the exterior of your home too.

If you have the right type of windows, for example, adding shutters can give a traditional American feel to any home. At the back of the house, decking and a BBQ are ways to make your home feel both more welcoming and more American.

And of course, what would any proud American home be without an American flag? Here, you have a few ways to go. You can have one extending from the side of your house or for a more dramatic look, a majestic flag, and flagpole on your lawn. Solutions for both of these options can be found here.

Home in the USA

A home can have an American interior design or architecture style, yes. But at the end of the day, the thing that will really make an American home? The people in it.

As you begin to decorate your dream American home, be sure to add in some of your own personal touches, as well.

These are only a few small ways in which you can pay homage to this great country through the design of your home. For more interior design tips, ideas for eco-friendly living, and exterior inspiration, check out the rest of our site for more of the home improvement content you love.


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