Easy to Follow Tips to Effectively Declutter Your Bedroom Space

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Many people use their bedroom not just for sleeping. They use it to store their laundry, paper bags from their shopping sprees and other things that should be kept inside the storage room. At the end of the day, instead of having a clean bedroom, it gets converted into one of the most cluttered places inside the house.

A messy bedroom is a common scenario; people do not often pay much attention to it as compared to the living room, kitchen and dining area. One of the reasons is because guests do not typically enter the bedrooms, so they do not notice the amount of clutter. But the thing is the bedroom should be a place where you can relax, sleep and de-stress. How can you do these things if it is full of clutter? So here are some decluttering tips from professionals to help you get started.

Sort everything in sight

Decluttering means that you have to take time and go through your stuff one by one. You should prepare four large boxes and attach the appropriate labels such as use, donate, throw and store. Doing this will lessen your chances of going through separation anxiety with your things.

Store remaining stuff

If there are a lot of things left that are worth keeping and using, you need to keep them well organized. Having fitted wardrobes built in your bedrooms is an ideal investment because it keeps your rooms clean and clutter-free. You do not have to waste time looking for missing things under a pile of clutter because you can store everything inside your wardrobes.

Sort out clothes

Most homeowners are guilty of keeping piles of old clothes inside their bedroom. But the funny thing about this is they no longer wear them. This is the perfect opportunity for you to sort everything and donate all of your unused clothes to your favourite charity. If you have kids clothes, you can give them to your nieces and nephews. Do not forget to segregate tattered garments so you can throw them away for good.

Segregate off-season apparel

If you are decluttering during summertime, you could keep all of your winter clothes inside a plastic storage box or an empty suitcase. Keeping your coats inside the closet will only take up extra space. Any clothes that are not appropriate for the current weather should remain in storage.

Create a cleaning routine

To avoid clutter from building up inside the room, you need to discipline yourself to clean as often as possible. Set a schedule at least twice a week to prevent things from piling up. Make it a point to return items to their original position to avoid misplacing them. It would also help to invest in a portable vacuum cleaner to make cleaning easier for you.

Lastly, do not forget to throw away old bottles of beauty products, lipsticks and makeup that have lingered inside your dresser. Using them can cause skin irritations or allergies.


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