How to enjoy an eco-greenhouse

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Everybody enjoys working in their garden, especially when out with the family, but nothing quite beats setting up an eco-greenhouse with them. There are many great advantages to building your own eco greenhouse, such as having the ability to grow your own food and teach your children about healthy living.


So, in collaboration with Hartley Botanic, here’s how to build a plastic bottle greenhouse:

Save yourself some bottles

So, you’re going to need to save around 1000 plastic bottles, which means this is going to take a while. If you can, try and get support from your community, family, friends and work colleagues to speed the process up.

Two-litre clear plastic bottles are best, and you will have to wash them and get rid of all the labels before you start construction. Once this has been done, cut the bottoms off with a pair of scissors.

Get the frame ready

The frame of the greenhouse can be made from lengths of 2-inch x 2-inch timber. The bottles are then threaded through garden canes, neck-to-neck, to make up the walls and roof.

Once you have everything ready you will need to keep the structure tied to the ground to ensure that it isn’t blown over in the wind. A cement base in all four corners is therefore recommended to avoid a greenhouse that does not take to the sky.

A door can be made using a smaller frame and simple hinges.

The materials that you’ll need

Like any DIY project, you’ll need a handful of tools and kit to ensure that you have everything you need:

  • 1,000 plastic bottles
  • 150 garden canes (roughly 6ft)
  • 4-inch square x 8ft fence post
  • 12 2-inch square x 6ft side, front and back frames
  • 6 2-inch square x 8ft side and roof frames
  • 2 2-inch square x 7ft roof frames

Hinges, screws, hammers, cement and a wheelbarrow are other items that you will need in the process.

So why is it eco-friendly?

Quite simply, not only are you recycling no less than 1,000 plastic bottles, but because the walls and roof let rain through, during the majority of the year, you shall also be saving one hell of a lot of water as your plants and vegetables will get treated by the clouds, and not from your tap.

What plants can you grow in it?

Ensuring that you put an inside layer of insect netting in your greenhouse, you can grow just about anything within it, from tomatoes, strawberries, peaches and aubergines. The choice is down to you.

If you’re a beginner grower however, here is a beginner’s guide published by the BBC to help you along your way.


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