How you can build an eco-friendly home when on a strict budget

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The prospect of having to build your very own home from the ground up can be an exciting one. Although it is likely to be a gruelling one, you need to realize the fact that you get to decide how your home looks. Every single aspect from the structure to the shape as also the size of the home largely depends on how you would like to see your home. Therefore, when you have nearly all the freedom under the sun to build your home, it would be an excellent idea if you could be a tad considerate towards mother nature as also be a responsible earth dweller by choosing to go eco friendly and design a green home that will not only do you good but will also ensure that you end up saving a good chunk of your money towards energy usage of your home
. In case you are looking at a flat for sale in Pune, you can still consider making these simple yet effective changes that will work wonders for Mother Nature and your pocket.

Consider eliminating the usage of artificial means of lighting and cooling by installing large windows:

You may want your home to be illuminated at all times and may wish for all the rooms in your home to be reasonably airy and cool, especially during the gruelling summer months. However, while you may have the best brands for air conditioning in mind, all you have to do is install windows that are large enough to cover the length of the walls. This will serve two very useful purposes; firstly, it will make sure that your home gets access to copious amounts of natural sunlight throughout the day until the sun bids adieu and secondly, it will make sure that you do not need to rely on air conditioners during the day as a simple gesture of swinging open the windows will bring in all the natural and healthy breeze into your home, keeping it well ventilated.

1. Making abundant use of solar energy:

This is one of the best ways to make your home eco friendly. Solar energy is easily being considered as the future of energy generation as the sun is a limitless source of energy and can be easily trapped and converted into energy. You can shirk the use of general electric supply to your home by swapping it with solar energy to power the appliances and lighting in your home. Solar panels are easily available and can be installed in homes with ease and the corresponding bills will reflect the benefits of using solar energy for your home. When you look at a flat for sale in Pune, consider powering it with solar energy.

2. Selecting the right materials for the walls:

The walls are the foundations that will keep your home safe from all the unwanted hazards and therefore, ensuring that these are built with strong materials for your home is important. As a rule of thumb, brick walls are easily the most eco friendly option you can come across. Essentially, it is important that these bricks are made up of materials like lime, cement or even sand so as to enable heat absorption for insulation purposes. Besides, building your home with ceramic walls is also an excellent idea.

3. Opt for bamboo flooring:

When it comes to selecting an eco friendly flooring option for your home
, you need to realize that you can never go wrong with bamboo. Having the bamboo flooring laminated will give it an added touch of sophistication.

Author’s bio:

Connie Arthur is an interior designer and revels in her specialty of providing eco friendly solutions to homes. She has recently completed her work on a flat for sale in Pune and is looking at other commercial based clients to work on and expand her prospects.


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