Making the most of your dining room

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Our hectic modern lives can mean we don’t always manage to sit down for dinner as a family every day. This can leave dining rooms gathering dust apart from the odd use at weekends and special occasions. Why not transform the look of your dining area to encourage you to use it regularly.

Dining rooms don’t have to be used every day if this isn’t practical. However, by creating an area that is easy to use and appears inviting, your family is more likely to sit down when they can. Even if this is only for Sunday dinner, it can still be beneficial for you and your family.

Bring in the light


Often, dining areas are in small spaces or at the back of the house where they get very little sunlight. If your dining room is lacking in natural light, it’s important to use artificial lights that can help make the space more inviting. You could add a statement lamp or ceiling light that really brightens up the room. Maybe try something a bit different and unique that you wouldn’t consider using elsewhere in the house, for example, a contemporary chandelier or a light made from an unusual material. This would make a good talking point if you have people round for dinner.

Create a relaxed environment

Family dinners don’t have to be formal occasions and the way you decorate your dining space can make all the difference. Sitting down for dinner should be a chance to catch up on what’s happened during the day or the week and everyone should be made to feel comfortable. Add furniture into the room that enhances this atmosphere and encourages you to go and sit down. Rustic effect oak furniture, such as that available at http://www.dunelm by type/oak furniture/, is great for family dining spaces. They are not only practical, but also give a wonderful natural and warm feeling to the room. The furniture you use doesn’t have to completely match, if you prefer to create your own style and designs. You can use a mixture of different seats and fabrics that all complement each other. Perhaps each member of the family could choose their own to encourage them to come to the table.

Add in accessories

Once you’ve chosen the main dining room furniture, it’s also important to accessorize it in the right way. There is nothing worse than a bare and bland room for making a space look uninviting and unloved. The more of your own personality you add to a room, the more likely you are to spend time there. Using larger pieces, such as mirrors and canvases, will create a bold statement. If you’ve chosen more natural furniture, such as oak, you can add in bright colours without making the room seem too overpowering.

Dining rooms don’t have to be an outdated concept. By bringing yours into the 21st century, it can become a room you enjoy and that’s well used.

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