Making the right Preparations to Avoid a House Fire

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If there is a fire in your home, then the output of this could be total destruction of your home or worse – even death to people inside or nearby.  Although fires in the home are rare, they do happen. As a result, the focus needs to be on prevention.  How do you know the risks you have and what can you do to prevent a fire occurring in your home?  There are several things we can recommend which include the following:


Risk Assessments


A very powerful way to identify the risks of fire to your property is to have a fire risk assessment completed.  There are companies such as that are able to support on this and have professionals ready to support any location in the UK.  This is where someone who has experience in risk assessing will come to your property and have a look at the structure, layout, and equipment to see if there are risks in terms of a fire starting.  It will also cover how to deal with a fire if it does occur in terms of making sure there are clear exit routes or even equipment to tackle minor fires.  This is a scoring assessment where you then have recommendations on how to proceed.


Maintain Cords


If you have some cords in your home that are looking a bit worse for wear, you might find that they could use some attention. Cords that get frayed can cause electrical currents to become overloaded or even released. This can cause fires and so this is something that you will want to avoid at all costs. Take a look at the cords and wires in your home and make sure that everything is in working order. This way, you can reduce the risk of a fire breaking out.

Electrical Appliance Testing


More commonly seen in the commercial world is Portable Appliance Tests (PAT) but this is just as important in the domestic world.  For business owners this is also something that can be actually legal to complete and ensure that employees in the building are safe – there are no legal requirements to do this for domestic properties.  In terms of PAT testing, an electrician would attend and look at all of the electrical appliances you have in the home.  Their job is to ensure they are not faulty and are safe.


Store Flammable Items


Did you know that some household products are known as flammable? It can be easy for cleaning products to be left around the home but if you leave them in the wrong place, you could get in some serious trouble. In order to avoid a house fire, store any flammable items out of the way. This should help you to keep your home and your family safe for longer.

If you haven’t yet made these preparations to avoid a house fire, you should use the tips that we have given you.


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