More companies are going green

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With more countries around the world looking to combat climate change together a lot of industries and businesses are looking to do their part as well to make sure that everything possible is being done to help reduce the damage that has been done. A lot of companies have taken a leaf out of the gambling industries book due to them closing their doors and moving to online platforms to help reduce the number of people travelling to and from their venues. A lot more companies are looking to move online after seeing the casinos do it and you can see here for more examples of casinos that have moved online to help with going greener with a host of different EU casinos that accept UK players now joining in with going greener. When moving to an online platform and closing the doors to customers is helping the world go greener by reducing the number of people who are driving or getting transport to the venue which is causing more pollution, so with the decision to move to an online platform it is helping reduce the amount of traffic on the roads or the number of buses/trains being used amongst other things. Some businesses are yet to move online due to some not being able to do so and still manage to have a successful business.


More companies are looking to see if they can move to an online platform after they have seen so many other industries and businesses already deciding to do it and go greener. There are a lot of businesses that do not look like they will move to an online platform with their shops and venues being seen too popular for them to close and fear that if they moved online, they would not keep a popular business running. COVID helped with climate change due to it causing the pandemic which saw the introduction of national lockdowns around the world so people could not travel around or even leave their homes unless it was essential, and this helped in reducing pollution levels by quite a lot with there being hardly anyone or anything travelling around. A lot of companies had no choice but to move to an online platform when the pandemic started, and they have seen a good result from doing so and they look set to continue being an online platform after realising they can still have a successful business from online and it is also helping to go greener.

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