Protecting your home with the right security system

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Untitled1Protecting your home with the right security system

It is unfortunate that we are no longer living in the times where we can leave the doors to our cars and even our homes unlocked, but in many areas that is the case.  There are too many people who will take advantage of situations like that and steal your car or break into your home.  While many of these thieves are looking to just vandalize or steal valuables from your home, you can also run the risk of spooking one of these burglars, or even worse, having someone with worse intentions coming in when your home is unsecured.  For this reason, we keep our doors locked.  But that isn’t always enough to deter a thief.  In many cases now people are choosing to get a security system.

Why should I have a home security system?

If you are looking to purchase a home, there are many benefits of having a home security sytem, such as ADT Security.  When you purchase homeowner insurance, one of the questions asked is if you are going to have a security system in place in the home.  If you choose to have one, the insurance company will give you a discount on your insurance!  So first of all, you are saving yourself money on homeowner’s insurance!  In addition to this benefit, even if you don’t own a home you can expect perks from having a security system.  You will have the opportunity to have emergency authorities linked to your security panel in case you need to contact them quickly.  Security systems can also give you the options of monitoring different things in your house such as your fire safety, temperature, and even things like carbon monoxide!

What are some things I should look for when choosing a company?

  • Cost

◦     Paying for a security system can be expensive, especially with setup costs.  You can look for coupons to save money by avoiding initial costs or try to join when there are specials available in your area.  You can also adjust the services you receive to make the cost fit your budget.

  • Wired or wireless

◦     More companies are starting to trend towards using wireless services, but be careful.  Some customers have given reviews that the wired services are more dependable.

  • What type of security is offered

◦     While one would think that getting a home security system includes securing everything for one bundle price, that is not the case.  You have to specifically let the company know what areas you want secured, such as exterior attic doors, windows, floor panels, etc.  Before you hire a company you need to make sure that they offer all of the security you need.

  • Reputations and reviews

◦     There are so many companies available, both national and local, so it is wise to get reviews about which ones you can trust with the safety of your home.  Read up on local reviews, reviews on business websites, and talk to friends, coworkers, and family who have security systems and find out which ones they use and how they like them.

This can be one of the largest decisions and most important ones that you make when it comes to your home and protecting your belongings and the well being of you and those who live with you.  There are companies out there like ADT Security that have been in the business for a long time and have an extremely reputable name from the customers that they have serviced.  If you do decide that you want to install a home security system, be sure to do your research and find a company that you can trust for a price in your budget.



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