Setting Up Your New Home Office

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For many it looks as if the possibility of remote working may yet be around for some time yet, and for others it may become a more permanent fixture and some employers look to move from the office into the home – but there are challenges to overcome whilst working from home and separating your work life from your home life certainly needs some balance, so how can you set up your new home office with this in mind?

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            Location has a huge impact – The success of your home office may be heavily impacted by where you choose to set it up. The recommendation often is to set up in a part of your home you may not often frequent, this separates you from many of the distractions at home but also helps to create a more physical divide between your work and home setup – if you set your office up in your lounge you may be distracted into turning the TV on, getting disrupted by family members or pets, or even find yourself not changing rooms at the end of the work day, find somewhere a little different and you’ll be able to keep a nice balance for as many aspects as possible.

            Try and match your setup – You’ll never be able to directly match your office environment but you can do whatever possible to replicate it in some way. Whether this be from similar seating position or equipment, to just making the working environment as similar as possible – it could help get you in the frame of mind to work once you sit down at the desk, and perhaps not make it feel so much like just sitting on your computer at home.

            Software can help to stay on track – One of the bigger challenges to overcome whilst working remotely is staying on task – it can be very easy to simply flick on the TV or swap over to Youtube and lose a little bit of working time during the day, fortunately there are lots of options here for your home office and many may be as simple as a little bit of software. This is becoming increasingly important on our mobile devices for remote workers, despite recent regulation changes to initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing online gaming options, many operators have found ways to avoid this and The Best Casinos give a comprehensive list of sites that allow access – if you often find yourself getting distracted by your phone, you could be one to benefit from a short term software lock during work hours.

There’s a lot of other things that can help you as you remote work from your newly set up home office, such as setting a schedule to keep your home and work life balance, through to making sure you have a pre-work routine as you usually would during an normal office week – the adjustment may take a little time to get used to, but with the proper set-up it’ll feel like second nature in no time.


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