Swivel desk chair

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Whether you are working from home or the office, you need a comfortable desk chair. It is especially essential if your job involves you sitting at your desk staring at the computer for long hours. Using a chair that does not offer support or help with your posture might result in some health issues like lower back pains. The good news is that the furniture sector has considered this and made comfortable and functional chairs like swivel desk chairs.

Swivel desk chairs usually come in handy due to their maneuverability feature. They enable you to turn around and reach different points of your desk easily while still seated. This article will intricately detail the benefits of owning a swivel desk chair and some of the factors that you will consider when selecting one.

Benefits of a swivel desk chair

The swivel chair is loved because of the 360 degrees swivel ability it possesses. The following are some more merits that you get to enjoy from having a swivel chair:

User friendly

Designers of these chairs are aware that they will be moved around from time to time. They, therefore, ensure they are lightweight. This makes it easy for you to move the chair when cleaning, rearranging a room, or moving to another building.


The swive chair is quite comfortable. It is designed to have a comfy seat and backrest. It also has the added feature of being able to turn around for 360 degrees. This will ensure that you do not strain your neck while reaching for things behind you. For nursing mothers and individuals with lower back pain, this is the most suitable chair to acquire.

Increased productivity

Many things affect your productivity. A swivel chair will ensure you are well-rested, can reach items easily, and have no back or neck pains. Since it has reduced all distractions, your productivity will increase.


Swivel chairs come in different shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Some chairs have armrest others don’t while other have wheels whereas others have fixed support. In short, there are many designs of swivel chairs that you can choose from.


Swivel chairs are quite cheap which ensures that can afford one from the many choices you have to select from.

Factors to consider when selecting a swivel chair

When in the market in search of your perfect swivel chair, the following are some of the things that you should have in mind while you are selecting:

  • Design with armrest– In case you have worked for long hours you can lean back and also rest your arms and body naturally.
  • Chair with height adjusting abilities – This will enable you to adjust your angle between your elbows and the desk to have a good posture.
  • Chair with lumbar support – The lumbar support enables you to have a good seating posture by promoting the natural inward curve of your lower back
  • Swivel chair with a backrest adjust feature– This will help you to recline the chair to your liking.
  • Chair designed with wheels or not– Chairs with wheels will you move around your desk with ease.

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