Want To Buy Tile Saw? Not Until You Read This

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You are laying tiles in your house and you need a tile cutter? You are planning to buy a tile cutter for your masonry work? Well, this will be important. Check it out so that you don’t buy a tile cutter only to realize there is a better one for your work.

There are different types of tile saws. You buy these saws depending on the work you are to do with it. You consider the size of job you want it to do and the material type it will cut. This will give you an idea of what specifications to look for. For light duty projects, a snap cutter or porcelain tile will do, but when detailed cuts are required you will need a powerful machine.

How to buy a tile saw?

Snap cutter

Snap cutter is also referred to as rail cutter. This is the simplest and cheapest tile cutting tool available. These tiles are used for do it yourself tasks that are not so keen on fine cuts. They are manual operated thus chances of making finest cuts are low. Moreover, you may end up breaking some tiles when you are cutting them therefore you are advised to have an extra tile.

  • It is advisable to watch out for the size of the tile the snap cutter can cut before buying one. This is because these rail cutters are rated according to the size they can cut. Ensure you go for one that will comfortably cut your tile.
  • The cuts will not be perfectly straight. However, this may not mind much since the cut side will be laid against the floor.
  • These cutters are not suitable for stone tiles
  • It is difficult to make special tiles using these saws.

Handheld Tile Wet Saw

These are handheld saws that use a grinding wheel that is coated with diamond powder to cut the tile that is in contact with. It is fed with water connected to a hose pipe or by an onboard vessel. Water is important so as to absorb the dust particles produces during the grinding process. These handheld tiles are designed to manage tasks that are carried out by tabletop and overhead tile models. It too has the capability of making specialty cuts on either manmade tiles or natural materials.

These tiles are very advantageous especially due to their portability. They are ideal for jobs that involve large and thick tiles especially where you need to cut the tiles in many locations. For you to cut small tiles, ensure you hold them tight with this machine before cutting so as not to cause breakages.

  • Handheld tiles are convenient for specialty cuts and for touch up cuts
  • In case you don’t have water supply, consider using dusk masks for protection
  • They are widely available from manufacturers and suppliers, therefore you can get it easily
  • They can cut stone tiles without difficulties

Other Factors to Consider

Other factors to consider when buying a tile cutter include


If you want to cut tiles that are big in size, say thick tiles, you will need a bigger and powerful machine. Always explain to the seller the size of the tiles you want to cut.


If the material is soft, say ceramic then the snap or rail cutter can be up to the task. Otherwise, let a handheld tile saw will be suitable for stone tiles.


Snap saws are not used for quality cuts. Table top saws too may be best when the finest cut is required. If you require the quality of the cut tile to be top notch, you are advised to try using the handheld cutter.


It is always good to leave within your means. If you can’t afford the overhead or table top cutter, be comfortable with a handheld cutter.

By taking these factors into consideration, you will be able to pull out good tile saws suitable for your job.


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